I’m so glad you joined me on this adventure.

I see you – struggling, tired, overwhelmed by stuff  and schedules while always KNOWING that God intended more for you.

I see you – comparing yourself to other mommas, wives, women and wondering why you’re ‘failing’ so big while others seem to have it all together.

I see you – feeling lonely in a houseful of tiny humans and with your husband.

I see you – feeling distance from Daddy God, wondering what you did to deserve this absence.

I see you – and all your troubles that seem to plague you – being financially strapped and paycheck to paycheck, being unable to conceive a much wanted baby, being unable to handle the anxiety that plagues you day in and day out.

Momma, I’m here for you.  Through Tabernacle Tikes, I hope to bring you truth, honesty, transparency and help through our almighty Daddy God.  I’m hoping that through my struggles, we can struggle well together.

Together, let’s build our homes and our tiny humans’ hearts on the gospel – that which gives us all hope!

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